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Lindsay is a qualified young professional looking to change how political parties influence government. She is a certified millennial, born in 1988 and coming of age during America's Great Recession that started in 2008. 

Born in Willingboro, New Jersey and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs, Lindsay knows what it means to struggle in order to get ahead. After graduating from Conestoga High School, she attended Skidmore College, graduating with a B.A. in Psychology in 2010. In her time at Skidmore, Lindsay worked with the Center for Sex and Gender Relations as a Peer Advocate, acting as a safe sex educator and a resource for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault on campus. As part of her work as a Peer Advocate and a fellow survivor of campus sexual assault, Lindsay rallied with hundreds of students and campaigned for rewriting the college's official sexual assault policies. 

After graduating and struggling to launch a career in the floundering economy of the early 2010s, Lindsay discovered a passion for recognizing great ideas and bringing them to fruition as a web developer and digital product project manager in the media industry. She has had the privilege of working for esteemed media organizations such as the New York Post, where she was a project manager on the digital product team, acting as a liaison with several in-house teams and vendor agencies that bring the Post's website, apps, and other digital products to life. 

Lindsay Brown is a resident of Clark, in New Jersey's 7th Congressional district, where she lives with her husband Andrew and their five rescue pets (two dogs, three cats). Lindsay believes that animal welfare should be a central pillar of our national policy framework. 

In her limited spare time, Lindsay is an avid DIYer who always has several projects going. At the time of writing this bio, she is in the midst of crocheting an afghan, building a pair of nightstands from reclaimed wood, and working on the build plans for a fireplace surround and mantel to stylishly house her dog's beds. 


The campaign.

I’m not a career politician. This campaign is not backed by special interests or backroom handshake deals between political insiders—it will be backed by small donations and grassroots activism from average people, just like you. My goal is not to become a career politician. My goal is to step up and serve the interests of the folks of New Jersey's 7th Congressional district.


So, why are you running?

After the last election cycle, we all need to do more than just vote in a general election every four years and share political articles on social media. On January 21st, I marched on Washington with hundreds of thousands of others who, like me, are unnerved by what is happening to our country.  More than ever, people are demanding to create a better future. Marching in such a large demonstration had a big impact, and it was clear that the issues this country is having are bigger than myself. I came back to New Jersey energized and ready to fight, but not just by calling and writing to my representatives. We all need to band together to improve access to healthcare, keep our planet habitable for future generations, and ensure quality and affordable education for every young mind. I know we can do a better job at representing the people of New Jersey than Rep. Leonard Lance.

Today, our nation is in a peculiar place. We need to take on the injustices occurring every day head on. Our current place in American history leaves open a promising opportunity to do just that. Right now, Congress needs to reflect the middle class, not the privileged few. Unfortunately, the reality is that our Congress has been overtaken by special interests on both sides. Since 2016, many young people and independents are yearning a sense of importance. The Republican Party should aim to incorporate folks who believe in some of what was once traditionally "Democratic" ideals--such as fair trade, Single Payer healthcare, paid family leave, and the bolstering of Main Street. We can be the change. Now is the time for something new, and New Jersey will be leading in a fight like no other. Let's move America forward with a new vision.

It’s time for young women like me to throw caution to the wind and feel inspired to serve, even if we are not groomed politicians. I believe that New Jerseyians need a representative in the federal government who is focused on the future—on educating young minds, maintaining the environment, on providing healthcare for all citizens. If I am elected to Congress, I will be the youngest woman ever elected to serve in this capacity—my candidacy represents the future of political change for New Jersey's 7th Congressional district and for America writ large.


The promise:

I will fight tooth and nail to make America’s public education system the best in the world again, ensure transparency in government, and will draft legislation that limits the impact we have on furthering climate change. I will also make sure that we address the inequality in healthcare access and put forth legislation that opens access to all. Likewise, by propelling the economic ingenuity of Main Street, I will fight to empower young women and girls to pick up unique trades, start a small business, and contribute their talents to society. Doing so requires that we commit ourselves to reciprocal Fair Trade in order to protect working families.  

Together, I want to work with all of you, New Jersey, to keep America strong and filled with promise for our kids and grandkids and great grandkids in the future by representing you in Congress. Thank you!


Lindsay Brown
Candidate, U.S. Congress

NJ, District 7


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