"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

~ Theodore Roosevelt


A Vision for the Future.  
Here is how Lindsay will put America back on track 

Women's Equality & Empowerment 

By ensuring that women have access to healthcare, coupled with Paid Family Leave, and a vision in line with the Administration's mission in establishing the Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders, my work in Congress will be to propel initiatives that encourage young women to get involved in business and in government, while also protecting their civil rights. . . 


Far too often, politicians treat women as a block of voters--the “female vote.” Women are not homogenous; there is not just one issue about which they feel passionate. Fair representation in business and government, equitable working conditions, and access to appropriate healthcare all

Women want to pursue a career they love, to be granted equal opportunities and equal pay, and to be judged on their abilities rather than their looks. In that same vein, they want to feel safe in their workplaces. While every woman is unique and has individual preferences and desires, the women I polled overwhelmingly want to be valued as businesspeople, and they want
to be represented in their government. 

Women graduate college at approximately the same rate as men, and compose nearly half of the labor force. Yet, they make up just 14.6% of all executive positions, 8.1% of top earners, and 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs. Likewise, women only comprise 20% of the United States government.

For a "Woman's First" program that puts the needs of women at the helm of national policymaking, I will make it a point to ensure Congress puts forth women advancement on all fronts through a national Paid Leave program so that women can take care of their families without fear of retribution from their job. I will also pledge to work with Congress to guarantee women access to essential healthcare services without fear of it being taken away. 


Single Payer Healthcare

Over the past decade, we have seen healthcare costs rise to astronomical rates, hurting our sick and middle class. We need to ensure everyone has access to healthcare, and not just the
privileged few. . . 


Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, we have been able to assure those who are unable to obtain healthcare that they have a shot at getting it. However, in many cases, families and individuals making just a few dollars more than the eligibility threshold cannot qualify for low cost healthcare coverage. Therefore, it does not go far enough in addressing inequality within the system.

That is why I am pledging to work with members on both sides of the aisle to put forth legislation that improves access to healthcare for all so that lower-income communities and individuals can have access. I will also push Congress to pass a resolution to protect and fully fund Medicaid and Medicare for the next couple of generations. Single Payer has proven to not just be a moral approach for the future of healthcare in America, but it is becoming sound policy for both liberals and conservatives. 

On average, people are paying a 30 percent premium to the current insurance system and receiving sub-standard healthcare. This is unacceptable and bankrupting our people, as 68% of people claim bankruptcy due to inflated medical expenses. With a policy like Medicare for All, a family of four making $50,000 a year could save $5,800 annually.

Women, in particular, must have equal access to safe, affordable care to attempt to alleviate the financial burden that purchasing feminine hygiene products places on low-income women.

That is why business owners are supporting Single Payer for its long-term trajectory of being less expensive for Americans. I will fight to advance Single Payer legislation because it’s pro-business, pro-woman, and pro-American. 

Main Street.jpg

Main Street & Fair Trade

In order to provide opportunity to all, we must focus on investing in communities by empowering young people and minorities to start their own businesses. Main Street is how everyone wins in a competitive
economy. . .


Since globalization, many of our local communities have seen an immediate disintegration of their jobs and businesses due to free-trade policies pushing small businesses out of the picture. Along with outsourcing, our country is becoming dominated by big-business, and that is harming our most vulnerable communities. 

This is why I am committed to ensuring Congress establish a long-term Fair Trade promise. Not only will this create a reciprocal foundation of how the United States conducts trade around the world, but also how we conduct business at home.

My plan calls for a tariff on overseas corporate holdings and immediate investment in domestic job training, entrepreneurial mentorship, and business education. That, coupled with providing states with practical incentives to champion the development of small businesses, we will begin to see America utilize its spirit of ingenuity from the grassroots. 

This is how we bring power to the people. In an era dominated by special interests, corporate lobbyists should not have the freedom to influence our economy. By injecting a competitive program that puts Main Street at the forefront of our economic vitality, Wall Street and the international banking system won't stand a chance in influencing our national policy goals. 

Putting the American people first means putting their economic future in their hands and close to home. 



Other Issues


E D U C A T I O N   O V E R H A U L 

We need an education system that addresses the problems of pervasive privatization and focuses on the uniqueness of each student. We need to push back against Common Core policy goals that lump many of our young children into statistical categories and numbers. This 'cookie-cutter' approach has only stifled educational advancement in our public schools and yielded to the growth of private interest in our classrooms, thus, jeopardizing the future of America's youth. This is simply an unsustainable practice that must end. I will work with Congress to incorporate inclusive programs focused on individualized attention, minimized testing procedures, foster growth through vocational training, business education, and localized community support. For more senior education, implementing a sexual education program that addresses issues of proper conduct and consent and mandating a zero-tolerance sexual misconduct policy that heavily penalizes retaliation can not only help young women feel safer in school and in the workplace, but it can also transform society’s perceptions of rape culture.


T R A N S P A R E N C Y   p l e d g e

It is time we hold government officials and federal agencies accountable who engage in reckless behavior. Too many journalists and patriots have risked their lives exposing the injustice that is the unfettered pervasive wiretapping of innocent Americans by agencies like the NSA through the FISA court. The American people deserve a transparent government that respects people's civil right to privacy and a just due process of the law. We need to stand united against the practice of warrantless searches and seizures that infringe the American people's "right to privacy" that is protected under the Fourth Amendment. If elected, I pledge to work with fellow representatives to ensure the integrity of our intelligence programs suit national security interest needs of keeping Americans safe from terrorists, not innocent fellow Americans. 


C R I M I N A L   J U S T I C E   R E F O R M

Too many people of color have fallen victim to our flawed criminal justice system. With the perennial issue of recidivism and disproportionality aimed at certain communities of lower income, I will propose major reforms to our criminal justice laws. We should start by decriminalizing marijuana and removing it from being a schedule one drug. In addition, we should invest in treatment counseling, and educational and job training for those convicted of minor offenses. If we introduce national legislation that contains these stated goals, it will dramatically improve the criminal justice system around the country, saving countless lives by giving those convicted a second chance at the American Dream, and saving taxpayers thousands of hard-earned dollars.